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What is Psychodrama?

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What is Psychodrama?
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What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama is an integrative psychotherapy, with psychodynamic, systemic and existentialist foundations. Psychodrama engages participants holistically, paying attention to behaviour, thoughts, emotion and the body. It uses creative action methods with groups and individuals. It is a method with applications beyond the field of psychotherapy, in education, training, community-building and conflict transformation.

Psychodrama was developed by Psychiatrist Jacob L. Moreno, MD in the early twentieth century and was the first recognised form of group psychotherapy. It is now practiced in many countries.

A key methodology for the London Centre for Psychodrama Group and Individual Psychotherapy is the use of Role Analysis to help track current issues to their origins in early life, to work through these, and to begin to practice more up-to-date and functional ways of being.


Psychodrama in action

We offer:

  • A one year Certificate/ Foundation Course for new trainees or professionals seeking add-on skills and CPD hours
  • A further three year training programme to Diploma level as a Group and Individual Psychodrama Psychotherapist
  • A one year accredited Creative Supervision Diploma for those already qualified in their profession
  • Psychodrama for Personal Development and Therapy, including experiential weekends and residential events
  • Themed psychodrama training weekends for taster and CPD


Below is one example of a psychodrama psychotherapy session directed by the London Centre's founder and co-director, Jinnie Jefferies, in 1989 as part of BBC series 'The Session'. You may find these a useful overview and demonstration of the method and our application of its philosophy and techniques, particularly if you are new to psychodrama psychotherapy.



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