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Training Practice Workshop Weekends

"The most dynamic weekend of creative therapy work I have done in a long while"  - Guest [autumn 2016]

Training Practice Weekends provide an opportunity to learn and practise psychodrama within a safe and supportive atmosphere. They are open to registered psychodrama trainees and practitioners as well as practitioners and trainees from other therapeutic and educational fields. Each weekend has a theme, which acts as a general focus for the psychodrama sessions. In contrast to Open Access Weekends, where registered psychodrama trainers facilitate the sessions, on Training Practice Weekends some or all of the psychodramas may be directed by registered diploma trainees from the London Centre for Psychodrama or other psychodrama schools, under the guidance and supervision of an approved trainer.

Who are Training Practice Weekends for?

  • Diploma or certificate trainees from any psychodrama school
  • People who are considering training in psychodrama
  • People who are in related professions such as social care, therapy, mental health, education, community arts or personal development (including trainees in such professions)
  • People who have a particular interest in psychodrama or the topic of the weekend


Each weekend runs Saturday 9.30 to 18.00 hours; Sunday 9.30 to 16.00 hours. A weekend counts as 16 psychodrama/ CPD hours. Certificates of attendance are provided to evidence continuing professional development where needed.

Venue: London Centre for Psychodrama Training Venue: Maudsley Hospital London SE5 at the Three Boroughs Day Service.

Fees and accommodation:

Weekend fees are £215. Accommodation can be found locally at a reasonable rate if booked in advance.

Closed Weekends:

In addition to the above there are closed weekends for London Centre for Psychodrama Certificate and Diploma trainees.

Calendar of Training Practice Weekends

March 23/24 2019

Anger and Rage

Anger is a healthy and natural human emotion. However, there are times when that anger turns into rage and sometimes violence towards self or other. In this workshop we will be looking at the constructive use of anger, as well as rage and the roots of violence.

See events calendar for details

June 22/23 2019

Beyond the Consulting Room

The creativity and impact of action methods has relevance to education, training, consultation, coaching and community work. This weekend will explore the wider applications of these approaches.

See events calendar for details

November 16/17 2019

Making Sense of Early Trauma and its impact on Attachments

We welcome Clark Baim as our guest tutor and focus on developments in attachment theory, as well as the significance of these theories to our clinical work with clients who have suffered early trauma.

See events calendar for details

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