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Statement of Ethics

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British Psychodrama Association

London Centre for Psychodrama

Group and Individual Psychotherapy Statement of Ethics

We adhere to the BPA Code of Ethics, which can be downloaded in full from

The Code of Ethics and Practice is a document that describes the ethical values, beliefs and standards to which all therapists must adhere in their professional practice.

These shared values include:

  • promotion of free speech and human rights.
  • commitment to anti-discriminatory practice.
  • awareness of, and commitment to, challenging oppression and discrimination.
  • awareness of, and respect for, the professional integrity of colleagues.

The Code of Ethics and Practice aims to define our relationship and responsibilities to clients, peers and colleagues and the wider society. Registrants are required to provide to clients information that reflect the principles of the Code of Ethics and Practice.

This can be done by either making the Code of Ethics and Practice accessible to clients or by providing information that is tailored to a specific client group.

Registrants must ensure that they accurately represent themselves in terms of their professional experience, qualifications and memberships of professional organisations.

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